Business Directory


This is a listing of businesses owned by Aquinnah Wampanoag individuals or their families. This is presented as a service to the Tribe’s citizens and those that may wish to connect with them, but is not an endorsement of any particular business.
If your business (or a family member’s) isn’t listed, click here to submit contact information. Please direct corrections, comments, or suggestions to the Planning Department.



Totem Pole Inn
Aquinnah, MA
(508) 645-2815



Amy C. Vanderhoop
Mermaids, mosaics & more
Kilauea, HI
(808) 828-6360

Aquinnah Bottled Clay
Layered clay art from the Aquinnah Cliffs
Aquinnah MA
(508) 627-1935

Aquinnah Wampanoag Indian Museum/ Aquinnah Cultural Center
Museum tours, cultural education, etc.
Aquinnah Circle, MA
(508) 645-7900

Aquinnah Wampanoag Virtuoso
Jewelry, leatherwork, wood burnings, etc.
(978) 505-5996

Carrie Ann Vanderhoop-Bellis
Northwest Coast Traditional Textiles

Designs by Martha
Contemporary Aquinnah Wampanoag jewelry in fine silver
Aquinnah, MA

Dream a Little Dream
Jewlery to dream catchers to all nutural homemade teas
Worcester, MA
(508) 373-8104

Elizabeth James Perry
Traditional Native Art & Jewelry, Woven Quillwork, Tapestry Weavings, Wampum
Dartmouth, MA
(508) 994-5659



Huckleberry Woman
Beaded earrings, Northwest Coast traditional textiles, etc.
Aquinnah, MA

Island Naturals
Wampum Jewelry, leatherwork & more
Aquinnah, MA
(508) 560-1103

Julia Marden / Bluejays Visions
Twine basketry, 17th Century Eastern Woodland art & more
South Ryegate, VT
(802) 584-4212

Peggy Logan
Beading and custom work
Sonora, CA 95370
(209) 743-3324

Thomas Fantasia
Hand drum performances, drumstick maker
Bellingham, WA

Tobias J. Vanderhoop
Traditional basket weaving
Bellingham, WA

Trybe Jewelry
Dorchester, MA
(617) 822-4015

Wild Weed Woman
Walks & talks on how to use edible & medicinal wild plants
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-3381



AUS, Inc.
Dealership and Garage Supplies
Upton, MA
(508) 654-4152

Don Smith's Small Engine Repair
Small engine mechanics
Keene, NH
(603) 209-6852

Mid Island Repair
Auto repair, state inspection service, etc.
West Tisbury, MA
(508) 693-1852



All In the Woodwork
Cabinet Installations
Mashpee. MA
(508) 539-4236

American Modular Homes
Edgartown, MA
(508) 627-7888

Ameridian Commercial
Commercial roof installation & maintenance
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 769-0150

Andrews Drywall
New Bedford, MA
(508) 995-5969

Aquinnah Communication Cabling, Inc
Communication, instructional technology design, installation & service
Rochester, MA
(508) 314-0208

Araujo Bros.
Cesspools/installation & clean outs
Vineyard Haven, MA
(508) 693-1105

C.A.A. Remodeling
(508) 951-7665



Jason Baird Masonry and Construction
Aquinnah, MA
(508) 645-3849

Jeffers Electric
Oak Bluffs, MA
(508) 693-3715

Marden Construction
Oak Bluffs, MA
(508) 693-3830

Martha’s Vineyard Custom Pools
Oak Bluffs, MA
(508) 693-8888

Menasha Woodworking
Vineyard Haven, MA
(508) 645-9869

Xlfaras Design & Construction
Interior design, construction, remodels and additions
Concord, MA
(978) 831-4037



Carol Ann Vandal
Educational consulting
Aquinnah, MA

Jonathon James Perry
Art / cultural consultant
Providence, RI
(508) 994-5659

Laurie Elaine Perry
(508) 627-8737

Lighthouse Links
Genealogical, historical & legal research
Aquinnah, MA
(508) 645-2574

Nicole Vanderhoop
Editor, Motion Graphics, Producer
(805) 558-8143

RPFP Consulting
Business Consulting
Hollister, CA
(408) 778-0775

Solomon Smart
Financial Consultant with American National
(602) 332-4293

Wampum Books, LLC
Business plans and long-term strategies, infrastructure planning, strategic planning, leadership training and business development throughout Indian Country. Grant writing, grant research and grant reporting.
Tel: 908 239-3258;

Wild Weed Woman
Walks & talks on how to use edible & medicinal wild plants
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-3381



Aquinnah Wampanoag Indian Museum
Museum tours, cultural education, etc.
Aquinnah Circle, MA
(508) 645-7900

Black Brook Singers
Powow & Eastern woodlands singing
Aquinnah, MA
508) 645-9397

Cjam Music & Karaoke
Mobile DJ & karaoke service
Taylors, SC

The Whispering Nasties
Rock band
Boston, MA
(857) 719-2132



Conomo Charters
Charter Fishing
Menemsha, MA
(508) 280-1177

Kevin Scott McMullen
Commercial Fishing
Fairhaven, MA
(508) 997-3317

Tomahawk Charters
Striped Bass & Bluefish
Menemsha, MA
(508) 645-3201



Blair’s Barber Shop
Vineyard Haven, MA
(508) 338-7902

Hair design for men & women
Avon, CT
Tel: (860) 674-0232

Vanessa Ventura
(508) 939-4025


Hydraulic Cylinder Packing

Thunderbird Industries
Full line hydraulic component distributor
Charleston, WV
(304) 342-6045



Excavation & Landscape Construction
Vineyard Haven, MA

Crossland Landscaping Inc.
Landscape design & construction, lawn and land care, etc.
Oak Bluffs, MA
(508) 693-8888

First Light Tree Company
Landscaping & tree care
Aquinnah, MA
(508) 560-4228

Gerry's Landscapes
Ware, MA
(413) 277-9735

Johnson & Sons
Waquoit, MA
(508) 540-3821

Second Son Landscaping
Northampton MA
(413) 584-3381

Shrub Care & Design
Westboro, MA
(508) 330-5855

Zac’s Landscaping
Aquinnah, MA
(508) 955-9083



Aquinnah Printing and Design
North Dartmouth, MA
(860) 388-9041

Wompimequen Interpretations with a Flair
Transcription services
Acushnet, MA 02743
(508) 998-7040



Classical Painters
Restoration, painting & wallpapering
Oak Bluffs, MA
(774) 563-1187

Garvin Painting
Professional painting
Aquinnah, MA
(508) 955-9080

John Rogers Painting
Professional painting
Oak Bluffs, MA
(508) 693-7507

Spray ProPainting
Professional painting
Hollister, CA
(408) 778-0775


PET Services

Roxy’s Petite Pet Grooming
Dog Grooming
(508) 823-8629


Photography Photography
Weddings, business & professional photography
West Boylston, MA
(508) 471-0069


PLUMBING / HEATING / Water Testing

A P Fortes Heating & Plumbing Inc.
Plumbing & heating - full service, licensed & insured
Vineyard Haven, MA
(508) 693-2394

Courtney Moreis, Water Systems Operator
Martha’s Vineyard, MA
(774) 285-1778

Midland Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing & heating - repair, service & installation
Vineyard Haven MA
(508) 693-1080



C.P. Madison Jr. LLC
Property Rentals
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 336-3866

Dan Maltais Realty
Real Estate Development & Property Rentals
Edgartown, MA
(508) 627-7888

Joshua Tucker, Century 21
Sales and Rentals
Vineyard Haven, MA
(508) 693-3700

Nya Clarke, Century 21
Sales and Rentals
Vineyard Haven, MA
(508) 693-3700



Bowen’s Arrow
Aquinnah Circle, MA

Hatmarcha Gifts
Native American gift shop
Aquinnah Circle MA
(508) 645-3704

The Locker Room
Oak Buffs, MA
(508) 696-8938

On The Cliffs
Seasonal gift shop
Aquinnah Circle, MA
(508) 645-3660

Phatass Leather Belts
Leathercraft, beltmaking, magnanimous waist sizes
Richmond, VA
(804) 690-6430

South Beach Apparel
Oak Bluffs, MA
(508) 693-0579

Stony Creek Gifts
Retail, wampum jewelry
Aquinnah Circle, MA
(508) 645-3595

Oak Bluffs, MA
(508) 696-3175

Wayward Wampum
Aquinnah Circle, MA
(860) 836-7726


RESTAURANTS / Food Service

7a Foods
Farm to take out restaurant serving breakfast & lunch
West Tisbury, MA
(508) 693-4636

Andrews Enterprise
New Bedford, MA
(508) 951-7665

The Aquinnah Shop
Indoor and outdoor dining, serving breakfast, lunch & dinner
Aquinnah Circle, MA

Take out food shack at the Aquinnah Cliffs
Aquinnah Circle, MA
(508) 645-4080

Dilly’s Taqueria
Fast. Fresh. Authentic.
Oak Bluffs, MA
508) 687-9171

The OPB Cafe
Take out dining at the Aquinnah Cliffs
Aquinnah Circle, MA

The Orange Peel Bakery
Breads, sweets, pizza, etc.
Aquinnah MA



Aquinnah Steverdoring
New Bedford, MA
(508) 996-0195



Radiant Event Travel
Boston, MA
(857) 544-3485


WellnesS / Health / Fitness

Alli's Herbs
Culinary and Medicinal Herbs
Worcester, MA
(508) 752-5840

Balanced Evolution
Massage & Polarity Therapy, Polarity Yoga, Nutritional Counseling, Herbal Remedies
Worcester, MA
(508) 353-2282

Moshups Mud
Clay refining
Aquinnah MA
(508) 645-2413

Sassafras Earth Education
Aquinnah, MA
508) 645-2008

Shaun DePriest
Personal Trainer
Beverly, MA 01915
(978) 927-5754


This directory is made possible with funding provided by the Economic Development Administration