The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) has identified the importance of promoting education as a life-long process which requires the broad participation of all age groups of the tribal membership. The purpose of the Education Department is to serve tribal membership's life-long educational needs.


The fall semester will be here before we know it. Application due dates are fast  approaching!

The Higher Education Grant Scholarship award was founded with the goal of providing Tribal Members with an equal opportunity to pursue a college education.  It is offered to offset the costs of education that has not been covered by financial aid. This scholarship is available to both undergrad and graduate students and will award up to $3,050.00 of financial aid. The annual deadline for the Higher Education Scholarship is July 15th. All Aquinnah Wampanoag Members enrolled in an accredited higher education program are eligible to apply.

The following is a link to a guide to help Native American students find the financial support they need as they head back to school:

Scholarship Due Dates for 2019




The Education Department maintains a collection of scholarships and internship oppurtunities. These oppurtunities are avaliable to both current students and those who would like to pursue an education. The department will assist you with any questions and or information you may need concering your pursuit of an education.

The Education Department offers assistance with career counseling, writing recommendation letters as well as building resumes upon the request from Tribal Members.

The Education Department also offers support for families through parent advocacy for school conferences, special education meetings and the other needs as they arise.



Catherine Edwards, Direct Services Administrator
Education Department
508-645-9265 x133
Fax: 508-645-9820
Hours: Monday thru Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Catherine Hall
Education Planning Coordinator x152

Marissa Lopenzo
Education Department Assistant x155